Go to a party in style as a pregnant

Lots of parties coming up! Fancy barbecues, communions, baby showers, weddings, you name it.

But what do you wear when you have to go to a party pregnant? Here are some tips for party attire during your pregnancy!

Why specific maternity clothes?

Because you are pregnant, and a body with a belly does not have the same characteristics as a non-pregnant body. Of course you want to feel comfortable, without sacrificing style.

Fortunately, there are beautiful maternity dresses like those from Tiffany Rose and Ripe Maternity. They are designed especially for pregnant women, it's their core business, so they fit perfectly for nine months!

Follow these tips to shine in you maternity party clothes!

1. Choose your style

Depending on the type of party, you will of course adjust your clothing style. A fancy barbecue requires a little less chic than a wedding.

Can it be a bit more chic?

Are you a bridesmaid, are you walking in the suite? Is it your child's communion?
(Are you getting married yourself, or are you celebrating your registered partnership? Be sure to check out the wedding dressn)

Then it can really be a beautiful party dress for your pregnant belly. Because, to be honest, when you're pregnant, you have an extra right to shine!

Personally, I would definitely go for a dress with lace!

Lucia maxi dress imperial blue Kimono dress berry red

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Prefer casual?

Are you going to a communion or wedding, a birthday party? Then you can also opt for a more “casual” party look. Flowers are very hot and pink too!

Willow dress burgundy Alessandra midnight garden

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Are you the birthday girl?

If you're the birthday girl yourself, you can "shine" all the way! Do you go pregnant getting married, is it your baby shower, your birthday…? Then you can choose a short or a long dress, finished with lace.

Mia dusky truffle Francesca maxi dress blush

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2. Choose your accessories


A ribbon completes a party dress. It's like the icing on the cake!

Smooth satin sash vintage rose Aurelia Vintage Sash Ivory Faux Silk



Beautiful earrings that match your dress provide an extra touch.

Earrings Studio NokNok Salty Sunrise EarringsStudio NokNok Vivid Vibes

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If it gets a bit colder in the evening, you can bring a scarf or sweater. I am personally a super fan of these Bufandy Alpaca wool scarves.

Alpaca scarf Brushed Solid ivory Alpaca scarf knitted solid

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3. Choose the right underwear

Briefs, boxer shorts, shorts

Ok, maybe less fun to think about, but…. You don't want a noticeable slip under your beautiful party dress, do you? Boxer shorts or shorts ensure that your stomach is nicely supported and that you do not see any edges.

Ok, maybe not so sexy, but take it off before you get home (haha).

Maternity shorts - skin color (shapewear effect) Maternity shorts - black (shapewear effect)

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When it is a bit colder, tights are recommended under a short dress. Even if you think your legs are a bit too white, or if you don't feel comfortable with bare legs, you can wear thin natural maternity tights.

No, you don't want to wear “regular” tights, because they just push on your stomach all day long. Not only annoying, but also painful!

Long live the maternity tights. (another small tip: the double seam must be at the front!)

Maternity stockings 60den - different colors Maternity tights 20den - different colors

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Personal advice at Mild!

In the store you will of course receive personal advice from me! I am happy to help you in your search for the right look and the right size!

Good luck finding your party dress for your pregnancy!