With these gifts you will be the heroine this holiday season!

Giving gifts to the people you love...it's a beautiful thing. It warms our hearts, and if we are excited about the gift ourselves, we are always super excited to see the other person's reaction.

But you know what's less fun? Looking for gifts with a deadline, when you have absolutely no idea what the other person would like. 😏

No stress! I've got you covered! 😁

In this article you will find the top 7 gifts to give to your loved ones! (And while I'm typing here, I'll also add a few 'drop a hint' - tips on how you can make sure that the people around you finally understand that this is what you want to receive yourself πŸ˜…. )

7 Top Gifts That Will Make Everyone Happy

1) Alpaca scarves

I know a scarf is such a typical go-to gift when you absolutely don't know what to buy for someone. But believe me when I say that an Alpaca scarf is anything but typical, and that the scarf will even become the favorite item in the recipient's wardrobe! 😁

EEveryone who has ever bought an alpaca scarf from me is a big fan! 😍

Because, you know? They are not just scarves! For example, in our home they are a regular concept. I don't only use my alpaca scarves to keep myself warm, but also to take my little ones from the car to the nursery, for example. Nice and warm under my scarf. Now they still ask: "Mamaaa can I go under your scarf?" 😍

The scarves are made of alpaca wool, which makes them very light, but at the same time warmer than sheep wool. They are also super soft, they do not fluff and therefore last a long time.

Even if someone is sensitive to wool, this scarf can be the perfect solution. Alpaca, and especially baby alpaca, is hypoallergenic!

Baby alpaca scarf knitted solid
(click for more colors)
Alpaca scarf Ombre
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Alpaca wool scarf Doble
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Alpaca Scarf Brushed Solid XS
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View the other Alpaca scarves here!

Attention: If you buy the scarf for someone else, you may NOT FIT it YOURSELF! Otherwise you don't want to give it up anymore 😏 (be there!).

'Drop a hint' - tip:

Let it be said that Alpacas must be happy animals. Because ah yes, their wool has been adapted in such a way that they can maintain a constant temperature during both hot and icy days.

"And aaaah yes! I just read that they sell those beautiful alpaca scarves at MILD in Vilvoorde. πŸ€” Apparently they are delicious! I think they are also on their webshop wildvanmild.be ... " 😈

2) Cardigans from Bonita Avenue

You know what's always nice to get (and therefore also to give)? Such a fun throw over sweater that goes with everything!

Personally, I would go for a good quality hypoallergenic cardigan that always fits. And preferably also super soft, and in the favorite color of that special person for which the gift is intended πŸ˜‰.

Amy cardigan (alpaca)
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Ally cardigan (mohair)
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 'Drop a hint' - type:

In the evening on the couch: "Gosh, it's just too cold without a blanket, but too warm with! I should really have such a cozy soft sweater that I can throw over myself ..." πŸ€” 

"Ah yes just! I just saw alpaca and mohair cardigans on that one website ... what was it called again??? Hmmm aaaah yes! Wildvanmild.be!" πŸ˜ˆ

3) Earrings from Studio Nok Nok

If there's one thing you can make any woman happy with, it's jewelry. Especially if it is jewelery that is unique, with its own character, and that has a beautiful story.

When I heard the story behind Studio Nok Nok, it really warmed me up. Joline from Studio Nok Nok told me how she started making these jewels. Her daddy works in a sawmill, and she made earrings with a unique & casual design with the surplus of wood. A great example of upcycling!

By the way, these are the kind of earrings you can wear every day. They are nice and light too. The plugs themselves are made of surgical steel. All jewelery is therefore 100% nickel-free and anti-allergic.

The earrings are still made from the surplus of wood from the sawmill. So that is certainly a nice anecdote to tell when giving these beautiful earrings!

Earrings Vivid Vibes Earrings Salty Sunrise


4) Earrings by Mme Bovary

Would you prefer something more classic earrings? Then these from the Belgian jewelry brand Mma Bovary are a super nice alternative! 

These earrings are also anti-allergic. They are 14 kt gold plated over 725 Sterling silver.

Earrings Double - Gold Earrings Round - Gold

You get them in a beautiful glitter dome, so they are great to give as a gift!

View the other earrings here.

 'Drop a hint' - type:

Open the link above on your PC, tablet or mobile phone and say: "Hmmm I really urgently need new earrings! What do you think of these? Beautiful isn't it! Yes, I think I'm going to order them ... Or should I wait a little longer?" πŸ˜ˆ

5) Babywearing jackets

Are you now like: "AllΓ© Marijke! You only give gift tips for women here?"

Nope! Get those stockings and Playstation out of your shopping cart quickly. Here I have the ideal gift for a new daddy or a daddy to be!

I present to you .... cool babywearing jacket!

Bet he'll be the toughest daddy in hopes?

Do you also want to take a look at the baby carriers for moms? Then click here!

6) Bop products

Do you like to buy care products as a gift, but preferably without chemical junk? Then these Boep products are really great to give!

I myself use the products for the whole family. I am allergic to chemical additives in personal care products. After being unable to use any products for 7 years, I discovered Boep!

They are really fantastic natural care products, developed by the young mother doctor Michaela. With ingredients such as almond oil, calendula, apricot kernel oil, shea butter, olive oil, cocoa butter and aloe vera.

Put together your own package (online or in the store) and we'll turn it into a present! View the Boep products here.

'Drop a hint' - type:

During a random call: "Say, I really want to get rid of all the chemical crap in the bathroom. That's really not healthy, what they put in those creams and body lotions. I took a look around, and I recently saw the Boep brand on the wildvanmild webshop .be. I should have that." 😈

7) MILD gift card

Last, but not least! A MILD gift card! πŸ€—

If you can't choose between all the beautiful things in the MILD store or webshop, then you just leave the choice to the recipient of the gift? 

Choose the amount yourself, order online or buy it in the store. By the way, if you buy the gift voucher online, you can choose between a digital gift voucher or a physical one that we will send to you. 

Gift voucher (paper voucher)

Gift voucher (digital)

VoilΓ  ... with this one you can already check off the search for a gift from your list πŸ˜‰!