What size nursing bra do you need?

breastfeeding bra bra

Finding a nursing bra that is both beautiful and comfortable is not easy! Especially if you don't know what to look for for the most comfort. And if you still have no idea which size is best for you, then it is already a hassle!

 Luckily, here are some tips for you to find your perfect nursing bras!

Choose slack

During your pregnancy, your breasts inevitably get bigger. They will also increase in the first weeks after delivery (hello engorgements!).

That's why it's a good idea to buy breastfeeding bras that still have some slack during your pregnancy. This way your breasts can still grow in it.

You can already wear the nursing bras during your pregnancy, and adjust the hooks when your breasts get bigger.

Buy your nursing bras during your pregnancy

As I wrote above: it is best to buy your nursing bras during your pregnancy.

For example, Mamsy's non-wired bra models only come in four sizes. The chance that it will no longer fit after your delivery is very small.

By buying it during your pregnancy, you also have the advantage that you can enjoy it longer. You can wear the bra during your pregnancy, you already have a bra for when you just gave birth and you don't have to drive your newborn baby to MILD for nursing bras 😉.

View Mamsy's nursing bras here

Avoid underwire bras

The advantage of nursing bras is that they are more comfortable to wear than a regular bra. They stretch more and don't pinch your breasts.

With an underwire bra, pinching is often unavoidable. So make sure you choose bras without underwire, especially in the first month of breastfeeding. Otherwise you run the risk of a breast infection. And believe me, I thought that wasn't true, but the time I did wear a regular bra with underwire, I walked around with a chest infection for 3 days.

And honest? It's just more comfortable, a bra without wires in those first weeks.

Come try on breastfeeding bras

How fast your breasts grow during and after your pregnancy can vary from woman to woman. And which bra is best for you also depends on the fit. That's why I recommend trying on your nursing bras.

Come to the store in Zemst to try on. I can then help you find the right bra that you can wear during and after your birth.

You can also make an appointment to shop privately, if that is more comfortable for you. (without purchase obligation).

Do you live a bit too far, or do you not have time to come by? No worries, you will also find a handy size chart at the nursing bras on the webshop. to watch it! And if you can't figure it out, send me a message, I'll be happy to help you (also online!)


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