Do you take good care of yourself?

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From the moment we hold that positive pregnancy test in our hands, it seems as if we are quietly shifting from self-care to taking care of the baby.

That starts with the first meal after you realize you're pregnant. "Hmm, can I actually eat mozzarella" .

I have written an extensive article on the subject of 'Nutrition during pregnancy'. Read the article here.

But my question to you is this:

What do you do for yourself?

Don't forget that you too need extra care as a pregnant or as a - breastfeeding or non-breastfeeding - mom! 

So try to make sure that you don't constantly neglect or neglect yourself for your child. This is all easier said than done of course. I experience it myself! But they don't have to be spectacular things at all.

Ask yourself the following questions.

Do you take your time for your meals?

There is something calming and relaxing about dining at your leisure. With a baby in the house, that is not always obvious, but it is certainly worth the effort to find a balance. Swap that quick bite on the road or at your desk for a nice meal at the dining table.

Besides what is healthy and recommended, do you also eat what you like? If that's a decadent piece of chocolate cake... so be it!

Do you do the things that give you energy?

Do you even know what gets you charged? For one, that could be going out with friends for a day, having a good meal somewhere, and for the other it could be running, or on a yoga mat somewhere focusing on the breath.

Whatever makes you happy!

Are you giving your skin the care it deserves?

I myself have not used any products for my skin for years because of my allergies. My skin simply does not tolerate chemicals . But then I discovered a brand with 100% natural and vegan products (Boep).

When I was finally allowed to apply these wonderful products to my skin, it felt like pure self-care!

That is why I also put skin care here as a tip to take good care of yourself. Not only during your pregnancy, but also afterwards.

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Do you feel good in your own skin?

I firmly believe in it: feeling good about yourself starts with an outfit that makes you happy! It is a fact that clothing has an influence on how we feel. Especially during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Your body has changed, and the clothes that made you feel confident are suddenly not so flattering (oops).

Give yourself outfits during your pregnancy or for breastfeeding that give you the same positive feeling as those favorite pieces that no longer fit. You deserve to shine as a pregnant or as a brand new mom!

maternity clothes

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Do you still miss that piece of 'je ne sais quoi😎' to make your outfit completely great? Then treat yourself to a nice accessory!

Because you are worth it!