10 reasons why you should choose a good maternity coat that grows with you and your baby

It starts to get colder, and especially in the morning the cold is very noticeable. What I see around me is that pregnant women try to keep themselves warm.

You know it… you wear your beautiful winter coat from last year open and you tie a thick scarf over it that should keep your torso warm. And with every gust of wind you make an effort to pull the sides of your jacket over your bulging stomach, because that scarf doesn't do exactly what you wanted. 😜

I see you!

I totally understand your thinking, by the way. "Yep, I'm only a few months pregnant in the fall/winter. I am really not going to buy an expensive coat for that short period of time”

But then what?

If, like me, you love to carry your baby in a sling or in a baby carrier, then you know that that scarf will soon be unable to offer a way out.

Now my question is: why should you come up with hacks during your pregnancy and afterwards to keep yourself and your baby warm and dry?

Especially if I come here to tell you that a babywearing jacket from the Mamalila range offers a wonderful solution during your pregnancy, after giving birth (to wear your baby), and for years afterwards as a regular jacket!?

And what if I told you that these coats are beautiful too!? That you will find such a multifunctional jacket in every style?

Do not you believe me? Voila!

Hooded Babywearing Coat Vienna Rain Babywearing Coat Dublin


Eco Wool Babywearing Coat Softshell Babywearing Jacket Allrounder

Do you notice that I am very enthusiastic about these jackets myself? I would know which one I would choose if I was pregnant 😊 (spoiler: the pink one!). And I especially wish I had known this system myself when I was pregnant and my daughters were little!

But hey, this isn't about me, it's about you!

View all Mamalila jackets here & come quickly and try them on in the store.

I will therefore give you 10 reasons why you need such a Mamalila babywearing jacket:

1) You buy one jacket, which you can use for years!

The maternity and babywearing gowns I'm talking about are quality 3 in 1 solutions. What I mean by this is that with this one coat you can bridge both your pregnancy and the baby and toddler period, and after that you still have a nice coat. 

The jacket grows with you and your baby. You can literally use these from the first time you see two lines on your pregnancy test, until years after your last child enters kindergarten. 😅

So it is more than worth your investment. If it is your first child, but also if it is your last. Because you can enjoy it as a regular jacket for years to come.

And between you and me… you can use it after years, still sell it on 2ehand or Vinted. 😜

The quality is that good! 😉

2) You can finally stop struggling with that mega-sized scarf

You already have enough problems during your pregnancy. Then why struggle to keep yourself warm during your pregnancy, and then keep your baby warm and dry without the hassle?

3) They are beautiful jackets that you can wear as a "regular" jacket

The nice thing about Mamalila jackets is that you don't just buy a maternity jacket or a babywearing jacket. No, you buy a nice coat (that you can wear for years) with extra functions to use during your pregnancy and afterwards to wear your baby/toddler. 😉

That is why there are jackets in different styles. You have the casual-chic jackets, the comfortable soft-shell jackets and the raincoats.

There are also jackets for men who want to wear their baby/toddler comfortably under their jacket. 👌🏼

Softshell Babywearing Jacket Allrounder Hooded Babywearing Coat Vienna
Rain Babywearing Coat Dublin Softshell Babywearing Jacket Men Allrounder

4) The jacket makes it easy to get out with your baby no matter the weather conditions

It's not easy to finally get outside with your baby. Just think of the nursing bag that needs to be filled, the diaper that suddenly overflows while you put on your shoes, or the 'Mommy-I'm-hungry' cry you hear while holding the door handle.

If you still have to dress your child and yourself for the Belgian weather ... then you don't feel like going outside anymore. And that brings us straight to reason number 5.

5) The jacket keeps both you and your baby warm

The Mamalila jackets have the huge advantage that you don't have to dress yourself and your baby for the weather. It doesn't matter if it's raining or freezing cold.

You simply take your baby with you in his romper suit and hat, nice and cozy with you under the jacket, protected against wind and rain. You too will be literally and figuratively warm from your baby close to you. 🤗

6) You can carry your baby on your back under the jacket

When the baby gets bigger (and heavier), you can choose to carry him/her on your back under the jacket.

This is useful if you plan to hike longer, or if you just prefer it. Your baby/toddler will then stay close to you, warm and protected against rain and wind, on your back.

Softshell Babywearing Jacket Allrounder

7) The baby insert can be used from birth to about 2 years old

The jacket is suitable for newborns who are not yet able to keep their head straight, to toddlers who need their freedom of movement. So when I said above that the jacket grows with you and your child, that was no exaggeration. 😉

8) The jacket is suitable for all wearing methods

Baby carriers are really not just for moms who tie their own sling (and are also super handy at this).

It doesn't matter at all whether you plan to use a cotton sling or a baby carrier that you just have to click on.

It all fits under Mamalila's babywearing coats. 👌🏼

9) The jacket keeps your baby's airways clear

Regardless of how you want to wear your baby, the jacket is made in such a way that your baby's airways remain clear at all times.

Softshell Babywearing Jacket Allroundr

10) Easy to use, without too much hassle

As I said you can wear your baby/toddler in different ways, you have protection against the wind and rain, and you can wear the jacket both before and after your pregnancy.

But despite all these functionalities, the jacket remains super easy to use. You simply zip the insert from the front or back to carry your baby, or to keep your tummy warm. Easy peasy.

So I would say ... buy your favorite Mamalila babywearing jacket quickly in the webshop, Or come and try on in the store!