Avoid stretch marks? What how??

Did you know that about 70% of pregnant women suffer from stretch marks, or stretch marks. That is 7 out of 10 women.

Fiew! a lot huh? We all hope, of course, that we are in that group of 30% who are spared from stretch marks. But why do women actually get stretch marks?

What Causes Stretch Marks? 

Well that's simple. From the third month of your pregnancy, your belly starts to grow more and more. Due to the increasing tension on your skin as you grow, cracks appear in your subcutaneous connective tissue. Unfortunately, these cracks do not repair.

In the beginning it has a red-purple color, but this eventually fades to white scars. Once you have stretch marks on your stomach, you can't get rid of them. And I'm talking about the abdomen here, but some also get it on their breasts, legs and buttocks. This varies from body to body.

How can you avoid stretch marks?

A lot has to do with your predisposition to stretch marks. Women who are younger than 30 during their pregnancy, who are dark-skinned or who smoke are slightly more likely to have stretch marks. Sometimes it's just bad luck.

But by keeping your skin supple and massaging it gently with a natural body butter or oil, you can reduce the stretch marks. A supple skin is slightly more flexible and therefore stretches more easily.

My tip: start from the beginning of your pregnancy with greasing, greasing and greasing your abdomen, breasts, legs and buttocks. Preferably twice a day.

Use a natural body butter of firming oil (without chemical junk) that increases the flexibility of your skin. By the way, this is not only good to get fewer stretch marks, but also to reduce the itching that comes with it.

Lubricate with natural products

I only use natural products. Did you know that your body is your largest organ? So if you put chemical products on it, it is not only bad for yourself, but also for your baby during your pregnancy!

Boep's products are really 100% natural, and that's great! That also means that if you are allergic to almost all products (like me) that you can use these things. Hallelujah! Good for you, good for your baby.

There is a body butter (nourishing body butter) or a firming body oil for during your pregnancy. I can't tell you what's best for you because that's personal. I like to spread with the butter, but maybe you are more of a fan of oil? And fear not, the oil absorbs very quickly.

Click on the photos below for more information about each product.

Nourishing body butter Boepskin tightening body oil Boep

love your body

And you know… if you did get stretch marks, then know that 70% of women have them. It doesn't look that nice at first, but stretch marks fade.

It is also a visible reminder of those 9 months that you carried your child, of that period when you looked forward to the arrival of your baby. So see it as something you can be proud of!


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