When "das boep" founder Michaela became a mother, she was looking for suitable care products for her newborn daughter. The ingredients had to be natural and the products could not contain synthetic fragrances, mineral oils or parabens. Only natural cosmetics seemed to be able to implement this consistently.

In short, the young doctor decided to develop her own skin care line with the help of her brother Tilman and a renowned natural cosmetics manufacturer from the Allgäu region.

The doctor carefully selected ingredients that she knew were suitable for baby's sensitive skin. The project gained momentum: mother friends helped her choose the discreet scent, beautiful gift sets were made with high-quality organic textiles and sustainable packaging was chosen. Independent dermatologists confirmed the skin tolerability of the newly developed products as "very good". When it came to logo and website design, it ended up being "das boep".


Natural skin care for the whole family. Certified natural care products, developed by the young mother doctor Michaela. With ingredients such as almond oil, calendula, apricot kernel oil, shea butter, olive oil, cocoa butter and aloe vera. Production in Germany and Austria. Healthy skin - for life!