Bufandy is an independent fashion brand with a mission to provide beautiful and timeless products (mostly scarves), made with respect for the environment and people.

The Bufandy collection is the result of a close collaboration between Peruvian alpaca cultivation, Ecuadorian craftsmanship and Dutch design. The brand uses high-quality materials and chooses good craftsmanship to develop sustainable products that everyone can be proud of, both producer and user.


High in the Andes where nights are cold and vegetation sparse, this is where alpacas feel at home. These animals are closely related to llama and vicuna and have been domesticated for thousands of years for their incredibly warm and soft wool. Therefore, alpacas are an important part of indigenous culture, especially in Peru, where half of the world's alpaca population is found.

Perfectly adapted to cold and harsh winters at high altitudes, the alpaca has a warm coat with a naturally insulating core. This insulating property makes the fiber extremely light and suitable for both summer and winter clothing.

And one reason why Bufandy scarves are so warm and soft.