It's a matter of principles

There are many ways to carry a child - in the tummy, in front of the stomach or on the back. Thanks to their special inserts, the Mamalila jackets adapt to these different needs and can be worn as a maternity jacket, babywearing jacket or jacket just for mom. This is the award-winning Mamalila concept.

The idea is simple, but impressive: instead of developing one jacket for each of the different phases of motherhood, mamalila is committed to the 3-in-1 concept and thus sustainability in the best sense of the word. A Mamalila jacket is destined to be a favorite piece and a reliable companion for years to come and therefore made from particularly high-quality, durable materials.

Simple yet intuitive

For the concept to work and the versatility to be a real plus, the jacket must be easy to handle, otherwise the many functions will not be used. The Mamalila jacket comes complete with inserts that can be easily zipped or buttoned into the jacket, turning it into a maternity or babywearing jacket if needed. The baby insert scores with many thoughtful details, such as an adjustable hood, as you would expect from a professional babywearing jacket.

Feminine and timeless

And just as important: the jacket must not be compromised in terms of design, after all, it must accompany the mother well beyond the wearing period. Therefore, the triple function of Mamalila's babywearing coat is in no way clear; the cut is classic and feminine, the production of high quality and the design timeless. A beautiful, extremely comfortable, skin and environmentally friendly quality jacket that can do so much more.