About MILD

Feeling good during your pregnancy starts with a beautiful and comfortable outfit

Hi, I'm Marijke, founder of MILD pregnancy boutique. A boutique where YOU are central as a woman.

MILD's mission is to do you RADIANT during your pregnancy or breastfeeding period! Because you can, you know! If you the right outfit find, do you feel Mooi. At fashionable! Feeling good in your own skin starts with a nice outfit!

You can put together your entire wardrobe for your pregnancy at MILD: a everyday dress, a cool one maternity jeans, an dress for that dinner with friends, a yoga top for the pregnancy yoga, a party dress or even a Wedding Dress. Also a pregnancypanty, pregnancyunderwear or a accessory with it? Check!

the personalized approach is what MILD is all about, so you can be sure that you will be well helped. If you prefer to disappear behind the fitting curtain alone, that is of course also possible!

How long can you wear your maternity clothes? We only chose quality brands and the clothing is designed in such a way that your belly can grow in it for 9 months.

Are you unable to come and try on during opening hours, or would you rather shop privately? Then make a no-obligation Appointment

Of course you can also choose to order online in the webshop. Not everything is online, so if you're looking for something specific: ask me!

See you soon!

Silke*****: "Marijke helps you with all her enthusiasm and knowledge to find the perfect maternity or breastfeeding outfit. Topmadam!!!"

Who do you see in the store?

Manager Marijke is usually in the store. Marijke is the mother of two daughters, and is passionate about making "mamma's-to-be" shine. She also started the store because during her first pregnancy she couldn't find a brick-and-mortar store where her genre of maternity clothes could be found. And voilà, that's how MILD was born, in 2018. You will sometimes see Ansje in the store on Saturdays. Ansje welcomes you with an eternal smile and is an expert in helping you choose an outfit. This fashion bust lady has no children of her own, but has been an aunt and godmother several times. So she knows what is important to you.


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