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Are you getting married pregnant? At Mild you will find the maternity wedding dress of your dreams, tailored to your pregnant belly.

View a selection from the collection of wedding dresses HERE 

Elke*****: "I thought it was a very pleasant experience! No stress and certainly not the feeling that I had to settle for something that fits (as a pregnant bride), but with something that I really feel beautiful in. Thanks!"

Are you pregnant and getting married? Come and fit MILD maternity boutique!

Find the wedding dress of your dreams!

In our maternity shop we have an extensive collection of bridal fashion for during your pregnancy. View the webshop for a preview.

View a selection from the collection of wedding dresses. Larger range in the store

 Why buy a maternity wedding dress?

  • designed specifically for your body: accentuates the right way
  • fits for 9 months: you can come and try on a few months in advance
  • is very comfortable and it is enchantingly beautiful. That's a win win!

When is the best time for me to fit in?

You can come and fit whenever you want. All dresses are designed to conform to the tummy. So you can perfectly fit now, if you get married within a few months!

Do I have to/can I make an appointment?

  • You may come during opening hours 
  • Do you prefer private shopping? Then you make a Appointment.
  • Feel free to bring your mom, girlfriend, husband, … with you!


MILD pregnancy boutique, Stationslaan 36, 1980 Zemst

Spontaneously during the opening hours:

  • Monday, 10:00 AM - 14:00 PM
  • Friday, 12:00 PM - 16:00 PM
  • Saturday, 10am - 00pm

Prefer private shopping (outside opening hours)?

make a Appointment


I'm getting married next week, am I still on time?

Yes, we have many sizes in stock. And if we didn't have your size, we will place an urgent order with the supplier. Right away!

What sizes do you have?

The wedding dresses come in sizes 34 to 48, some up to size 54.

Do we no longer have your size in stock? Then we order your wedding dress, so that you can expect it within a few days.

In order to make the selection as wide as possible, not every model is available in every size in the store. We simply order your size, so that you have it within a few days.

Is there also bridal wear for plus sizes?

Some models of wedding dresses are available in large sizes, up to size 54. Please contact us, or come and have a look, to know which wedding dresses are available.


Which dresses do you have in the collection

Below you will find a selection of maternity wedding dresses. This is a selection from our collection, we have more models in the store. The bridal shop is located in Zemst, near Mechelen (between Antwerp and Brussels).

>>> Still have a question? Contact us via the chat window at the bottom right, call 02/899.94.04 or fill in the contact in.

View a selection of wedding dresses, and discover even more in the store

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