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scarf alpaca wool - Doble silver fog

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A lovely alpaca scarf from the Dutch brand Bufandy. 200 X 65 cm

    • does not itch
    • always the right temperature: so suitable for both summer and winter
    • exceptionally beautiful

Alpacas produce fibers that not only feel incredibly soft, but the fiber is also exceptionally warm and has an insulating quality. Perfect for surviving the harsh high-altitude climate of the Andes Mountains, home of the alpaca. Scarves from Bufandy consist of 80% of this high-quality wool.

Bufandy creates honest, natural products in collaboration with small-scale companies and artisan families in South America. Thanks to the long-term and personal relationship with our partners, we are assured of the best quality, made under fair conditions for both the makers and the alpacas. While age-old traditions are preserved, we make the link with timeless design.

How can you try on this scarf from Bufandy?

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  • order online
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